5 Pillars and Priorities » Pillar 2: Joy and Wellness

Pillar 2: Joy and Wellness

In order for our students to thrive at our school and fully engage in their academic experience, we must also commit to creating environments where they feel safe, welcome, and excited to learn. This pillar represents our commitment to serving the whole child – attending to the social, emotional, and physical health and wellness of our students so they are prepared and energized to focus on learning, growing, and building meaningful connections at school. This pillar represents our commitment to fostering a safe, inclusive, and supportive school culture on every campus and minimizing disruptions or barriers to learning. Our approach to safety is comprehensive, and we are committed to creating environments that offer physical, emotional, and environmental safety. By promoting these conditions, we believe our campus and classrooms will shine as exciting and exemplary learning spaces for students to realize their potential.